Sustainable Christmas: 15 clutter-free gifts for everyone on your list 1 year ago

Sustainable Christmas: 15 clutter-free gifts for everyone on your list

A dream for retailers, a nightmare for the planet, our wallets and also our homes.

This year, according to new research, the average Irish adult will spend €470 on Christmas presents for their family and friends.

It's a lot of money. And while these sums might be acceptable if the gifts we were buying and the possessions we were accumulating were actually increasing the happiness in our lives, this is unfortunately often not the case.

Statistically, almost half of us will receive gifts we don't like or fit or even have room for, as the reality is that our homes are already overcrowded with stuff – much of it things we don't even need or love. The thought of adding more layers of stuff on top of it? It can seem a little too much.

Aim for experiences over things

However, this doesn't mean you can't gift the people you love great things this Christmas. It simply means maybe we should aim for gifts that add fun, not clutter. Several studies will confirm that buying (or getting) experiences make us happier than buying (or getting) things.

And so why not gift your loved ones clutter-free gifts this festive season? Experiences and indulgences they might not treat themselves too, but that will be all the more appreciated. And bonus? It won't clog up their homes, or add to landfills later. A win-win, in our book!

Here are 15 of our favourite clutter-free gift ideas to get you inspired:

1. Manicure or pedicure


2. Donation to a meaningful charity

3. Cinema tickets

4. Cooking lessons

5. Dinner in their favourite restaurant

6. Massage

7. Netflix (or Disney + or Amazon Prime) yearly subscription

8. Bouquet subscription

9. Horseriding lessons

10. Hairdressers appointment

11. Gym membership

12. Painting course

13. Snack box with all their favourite treats

14. Yoga studio membership

15. Gift card for their favourite coffee shop