The cosy Penneys coat that's going to be your new must-have for the school run 9 months ago

The cosy Penneys coat that's going to be your new must-have for the school run

The cosy Penneys coat that's going be your new must-have for the school run.

Winter is almost here and to prep for the (very) cold season ahead, a cosy coat is an absolute must-have.

However, it's not quite freezing yet and we need one for that annoying in-between autumn/winter period.

Enter this gorgeous €25 Penneys coat/jacket, the perfect mix of comfort and style.

It comes in a fab brown shade but there's also a darker option and we all know you can never go wrong with black, the ultimate fail-safe shade.

While it's been unbearably humid for the morning commute over the last few months, that's soon likely to change considerably with cold weather on the horizon.

However, picking up a smart purchase such as this one will ensure you're organised before the weather changes, always a major advantage.

It'll come in very handy on cold mornings when you're rushing out the door and need something warm to throw on while bundling the kids in the car at the same time.

It's as close to your duvet as you'll get and the €25 Penneys coat will come in very handy for cold mornings, especially for anyone who has a long commute to tackle each day.

Another item on our autumn/winter must-have list is this fab floral dress, imagine all the ways you could style it for the upcoming season.

With a chunky knit and knee-length boots, a leather jacket and ankle boots or a cosy cardigan (the item of autumn 2019) and your favourite runners.

We love how it's been styled here, a hairband and a western style belt - absolute perfection and if you're not doing anything today, we'd advise getting to your local Penneys and getting these bits before they sell out.


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