The emergency eye bag massage every mum should know 3 years ago

The emergency eye bag massage every mum should know

If you're anything like us, you frequently leave the house with under-eye luggage heavier than your handbag. 

That was until we discovered an easy way to get rid of them (without seeing a plastic surgeon).

Turns out, under-eye bags are basically just an accumulation of fluid that builds up around the eye cavity. Over time, the excess fluid, coupled with diminishing collagen (a result of ageing, #bleurgh) and fatty deposits causes the delicate skin around the eyes to sag and droop.


Lack of sleep, too much salty food or alcohol and gravity (sleeping on your front) are the main culprits, so do what you can to limit these causes. In the meantime, a quick lymphatic drainage massage every morning and evening can help you de-puff in a hurry.


This quick tutorial by Practical Skin Tuition is a relaxing way to help reduce eye puffiness and dark circles. These techniques can also help to relieve sinus pressure and headaches due to seasonal allergies.

It's important to note that very little pressure is necessary for a good result. All you need to get started is an eye cream or balm. We like to massage along with the video.