This €16 Penneys raincoat has to be our bargain of the week 6 months ago

This €16 Penneys raincoat has to be our bargain of the week

Raincoat weather is approaching.

In fact, it's already here but the Irish climate is so unpredictable at the moment that you need an umbrella and sunglasses at all times.

Dressing for rain isn't always easy especially when it's as humid as it has been in recent weeks.

However, the below Penneys raincoats are in stores now, the perfect, lightweight, in-between seasons coat.

It's not too heavy so you can wear it comfortably and for Irish weather, a hood really is essential if you want to keep dry and avoid an out of control frizzy hair situation.

They are in stores now and we're especially loving the yellow one which would bring a little sunshine even when it's absolutely pouring rain.

The pale pink is another option and to be fair, it would go with a lot more outfits than the yellow one.

However, neither raincoat is likely to hang around for long once shoppers see the bargain prices and cute colours available.

In fact, I might have to take a trip to the Mary Street branch after work (always a good shout for spotting the must-have, trend-led pieces) because even though it's not raining at this precise minute, you know the damp, dreary conditions will make a return any day now.