Toddler hair: 6 cool, creative and easy hairstyles 7 years ago

Toddler hair: 6 cool, creative and easy hairstyles

My 15-month-old daughter has a seriously impressive head of hair. Most days I tie it back just to keep it out of her way, rather than because it looks cute. This usually involves me hastily throwing it up into a ponytail or a messy bun (if I'm feeling adventurous), but I know that my days of getting away with such unimaginative dos are limited.

It's only a matter of time before she'll be pushing my creative boundaries by demanding more adventurous styles. In an attempt to be ahead of the game, I've rounded up six cute and apparently easy hairdos that offer a toddler much more than the average ponytail.


1. Side knots

Not to be confused with the bad knots that you try to get OUT of your toddler's hair, these side knots are very cool and actually do look easy to achieve. Plus, they don't require any elastics.


2. Twist back flip under ponytail

I know I said no ponytails but this isn't your average ponytail. It involves a bit of twisting back and flipping under, which sounds complicated but actually isn't. Cute Girls Hairstyle will show you how to do it here.




3. Topsy tail

This style is great for wispy-haired toddlers and is "super easy" to do, according to the mum from Twist Me Pretty.  You'll need to french braid the centre section and turn it into a three strand braid once you hit the back of the head. Repeat on the right and then on the left, then throw the rest of the hair into a messy bun. Better get practising my braiding before I attempt this one.



4. No-heat curls

These cool waves are perfect for young girls as there is no heat involved. Put the 'bantu knots' in before going to bed and remove the next morning for a cute ready-to-go wavy look.



5. Toddler top knot

Super stylish and really easy to do - the toddler top knot is a cooler take on the classic bun. Kojodesigns shows you to how to give your toddler a top knot, right here.



6. Princess twist

This is a very simple hairstyle that requires no braiding. In fact it's "easy enough for dads but totally works for her" according to the dad who features in the video. However, it's not the styling that I think he deserves praise for; it's the conditions he's working under. That's one vocal baby in the background. Very funny.