Turn Your Kids' Cutest Drawings Into Jewellery To Wear Forever 3 years ago

Turn Your Kids' Cutest Drawings Into Jewellery To Wear Forever

If you've got kids, it's highly likely your fridge door is so laden with drawings, collages and art you can barely get the milk out in the morning.

But one day the time will come when the last child has brought home the last drawing, when the last stick figure has been scribbled and that part of their childhood is over forever.

Sure, you can frame them, photograph them and store them in the attic, but Turkish sculptor and goldsmith Özgür Karavit offers another option that's much more special.

Together with business partner Yasemin Erdin Tavukçu, Özgür runs TasarimTakarim, a business that turns the art of children into timeless jewellery.

The idea was inspired by the first drawings of Yasemin's daughter Serin and Özgür’s son Kerem.

"By turning the children's art to jewelry, we aimed to show the children that their art is so precious and unique. We started to turn the children’s drawings to timeless memories, wearable art objects." they say on their website.

The best part? Any drawing at all can be the focal point, whether it's your little one's first ever effort at a sunshine or a smiley face, or their first 'I love you' card on Mother's Day.

The duo's pieces have earned them five-star reviews from customers, many of whom report that the best part of the process was seeing their child's face light up when they realised they designed their mum's new necklace.

Alan Sharp ordered a piece as a surprise for his wife: "It looked exactly like my daughter's drawing and arrived exactly on time as promised." he said. "When my wife opened the box, she loved the jewelry so much that it made her cry."

Another happy customer Diana Searle said: "So many others have noticed and agreed that I am so lucky I will always have this reminder of a time in my daughter's life that went by so very quickly."

TasarimTakarim offer personalised necklaces, brooches and cuff links in silver, gold plated silver, rose gold plated silver and white gold plated silver and they ship worldwide.

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