UK baby has designer wardrobe full of Gucci and Versace – while his mum shops at Primark 1 year ago

UK baby has designer wardrobe full of Gucci and Versace – while his mum shops at Primark

His wardrobe is worth a fair few quid, to say the least...

A mother in the UK has revealed her 15-month-old son has a designer wardrobe worth around £10,000, while she buys her own clothes from Primark to afford it.

London-based carer Laurie says her son Denver's wardrobe is full of clothes from fashion houses like Versace, Burberry, Gucci, Moschino and more.

Speaking to the Sun, the mum told how she usually buys the tot a new designer piece every payday.

"Denver is often dressed head to toe in designer clothes. I tend to shop at Primark and other high street stores," she told the publication. "I sacrifice my own needs to ensure he has the best."

The mum-of-three added that her wardrobe is far smaller than that of her son, who isn't even near two yet.

"He has an absolutely huge wardrobe, whereas my cheap clothes are just stored in plastic boxes," she continued.


"Everything of his is neatly organised and worth about ten grand altogether. Sometimes he only gets one wear out of the items as he outgrows them."

When that happens, the mum usually just resells the pieces online to make back some of the money she's handed out.

"He has Gucci tracksuits which are £350, Moschino T-shirts from £60 to £150," Laurie revealed, although she admitted kitting him out in such gear is more for herself than Denver.

"I like him to look good and it makes me feel happy. He hasn’t got a clue about the cost or brands. He’d probably prefer to wear a t-shirt with a cartoon on, but I like him to look smart and stylish for special occasions."

As for the worrying about the messes kids make and their ability to dirty any outfit, the mum is unfazed.

"I don’t mind him playing whilst wearing expensive clothing as I’m not going to stop him from having fun. He’s a typical boy who loves to get mucky when playing and that’s fine," she shared, adding: "He has previously spilt ice cream all over a Burberry outfit, but I didn’t mind – I have a washing machine."