Use Face Wipes? You Might Want To Read This! 6 years ago

Use Face Wipes? You Might Want To Read This!

Face wipes are so quick and handy at the end of a long day that we often rely on them for freshening up our faces.

But it seems that we may not be using them right.

In fact, we are definitely not using them right because we didn’t even know there was a ‘right’ way to use them (we just start wiping until our faces feel reasonably clean).



According to a Beverly Hills dermatologist, people should abide by a certain technique when removing makeup or dirt with face wipes.

Dr. Debra Luftman told InStyle: "It's important to use your wipe from the forehead down to the jaw so that you don't end up redistributing oil and bacteria around your face and causing breakouts."

She suggested starting with the cleanest areas of the face (so avoid blemishes) and leaving the nose until the very last as it’s “one of the grimiest parts of the face.”

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