Weekend project: 3 easy IKEA hacks you (and your home) will love 2 years ago

Weekend project: 3 easy IKEA hacks you (and your home) will love

You can't beat Ikea for some easy, affordable home updates 

And it's not just about all the stuff you can actually buy at Ikea,  what you can turn it into once you get it home is often even more fun.

And all you need is a little creativity, a steady hand and some dedicated DIY time.

Pinterest is full of gorgeous Ikea hacks, but to save you some time, we have rounded up three of our current favourites:

1. Paint it pink

Homes all over the world have Ikea's classic FROSTA stools, often ready to pull up when we suddenly have too many guests and not enough seating around the table.

The original wooden chair is nice and simple enough to fit into any interiors, but we are all sorts of in love with this pink makeover of this old classic.

See how you can do it too here.

Screen Shot 2016-11-07 at 17.08.50


2. DIY Concrete Topped Shelf

If there is one thing we are still obsessed with, it is using concrete as part of your interiors. Be it poured concrete floors (so stunning – and amazing to walk on if you add underfloor heating!) or industrial looking tabletops.

The thing is, many of these can be expensive to lay your hands on, which is why we are loving this clever hack for making your very own concrete topped storage unit (covered with cement tiles).

Fancy making one? Find more info and how-to guides at Livet Hemma.

Screen Shot 2016-11-07 at 17.18.39

3. Patina Finished Planters 

Filling your house with greenery is all sorts of in these days, and our heart always beat a little faster when we come across the perfect patina finished pot of planter.

But don't waste your money buying these in flower shops or garden centres, you can give new terracotta planters a patina look yourself, using just model plaster and sandpaper.

Nice, huh? If you want to try making these yourself, just click here for more info.

Screen Shot 2016-11-07 at 17.25.33

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