Woman shamed for her 'tiny' engagement ring after sharing a photo online 4 years ago

Woman shamed for her 'tiny' engagement ring after sharing a photo online

Woman shamed for her 'tiny' engagement ring after sharing a photo online.

Deciding on an engagement ring is a personal choice and it should only ever be about the couple and their choice to get married.

However, it seems that many think it's okay to comment on engagement rings, the size, style and type, and one person was mocked for her 'tiny ring' which brings it to a whole new level entirely.

The woman in question was so overjoyed with the happy news that she shared a picture of her ring in a Facebook group and said how delighted she and her husband were.

However, rather than congratulate her, people instead focused on the ring with multiple comments dissing the size as too small.

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First of all, it really is no one's business and secondly, it's extremely cruel to rain on her parade and tarnish such a special memory.

The ring in question was from Etsy, the Minimalist Band which is priced around the £100 mark.


You can see the ring below and there are a few options with different prices, depending on the type of metal and number of diamonds included.

As mentioned above, the comments were very harsh with people saying that it was too small, "pitiful and sad" and others suggesting that she should get another.

It's such a personal decision and it's wise to remember that everyone has different tastes, different budgets and different considerations.

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Aside from all that, why would you even feel the need to say something so mean to someone who is so happy?

We think it's extremely harsh and sincerely hope that the newly-engaged couple didn't let it bother them and managed to celebrate such a special time despite this nasty backlash.