You Won't Believe What These Brides Wished For On Their Wedding Days 4 years ago

You Won't Believe What These Brides Wished For On Their Wedding Days

When you plan to have a wedding in Ireland, you are always at the mercy of the weather.

Couples who really, really want a day filled with sunshine can only really guarantee that if they opt to have their celebrations in another country!

But really, what's wrong with a little rain on your wedding day - it's only.. weather, right?

These amazing photos capture the rain beautifully at these West Australian weddings.

Some of the couples said they genuinely wished for rain because of certain ancient traditions which mean good omens for the wedding day and the couple for the future.


(Steph and Simon Daniels’ rainy wedding day. Picture: James Simmons Photography)

According to these traditions, rain on your wedding day can be good luck for:

1. Fertility: rain signifies that you will have children. This belief came about since rain ultimately waters the ground and lends to fertility - this was a big belief in ancient agricultural communities.

2. Cleansing and Renewal: it signifies the cleansing of tough times or sadness in your past, and brand new beginnings.

3. Unity: it signifies that your marriage will last. According to Hindu traditions, when you “tie the knot” on a rainy day, your marriage is supposedly hard to unravel (just like a wet knot is difficult to undo!).


(Kirstyn and Marc. Picture: Albedo Photography)

Aren't they totally gorgeous? Maybe we can start to embrace the rain here too.

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