7 ways you can help a nursing mother during National Breastfeeding Week 4 months ago

7 ways you can help a nursing mother during National Breastfeeding Week

This week is National Breastfeeding Week.

I breastfed both of my children, successfully with my daughter and unsuccessfully with my son, so I know how challenging it can be.

A lot of people assume the ability to breastfeed comes naturally to all mothers but that's simply not the case and this misconception can cause a lot of new mums to feel like they're failing.

During National Breasting Week organisations like Friends of Breastfeeding are encouraging those who know a nursing mother to help support them and posted a guide on Facebook with some helpful tips on where to start.

Their post gives seven tips on how you can help a nursing mother whether it be supporting her through fatigue or simply not judging her and her choices.

I think the one that is particularly nice and resonated the most with me is offering to take the baby so she can nap. Even though my daughter is teething and cranky at the moment I'm still nowhere near as exhausted as I was when I first started breastfeeding.

A lot of people don't realise how draining it can be when your body is still adjusting and when you're looking after your baby's needs you can often forget to look after yourself. This is where a good support system comes into play.


Having people around that will give you a break or even just make you a cup of tea makes the world of difference when you start breastfeeding.

I loved being able to breastfeed my daughter, especially since my milk never came through after I gave birth to my son.

It's an amazing bonding experience and one that I'll always be grateful for.

If you have a friend or family member that is breastfeeding remember that while it is wonderful it can also be a struggle and any little offer of help or support will always be appreciated.

Remember to maintain proper social distancing procedures if visiting a friend or relative.