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Early years

06th Sep 2022

September born babies are more likely to excel in school and other fun facts

My daughter is a September baby.

She was supposed to be an October baby like me but she decided to arrive just that little bit sooner.

Seeing as I wrote an article about May babies (which my son is) I thought it was only fair that I research and write about some of the best things about being born in September.

1)Most popular birth month

September is the most common month to be born in. Seeing as not only have most of the babies born in my family over the last three years been born in September but my own daughter managed to arrive on another relative’s birthday, this fact is definitely true.

Why is that great? Because you can totally go halfsies with your mates for birthday parties.

2)More likely to excel in school

Maybe it’s because school starts back in September but research suggests that children born in this month are far more likely to do well at school.

This tends to be because children that are born in September start school a year later than those born earlier in the year.

3)Your birthstone helps protect you against depression

The birthstone for babies born in the month of September is sapphire and it’s believed to have medicinal properties.

Traditionally sapphires were believed to help protect the wearer from eye problems and mental health difficulties.

4)Taller than average

Bristol University found that children born in or near September were on average 5mm taller than their peers.

This could be due to their mothers being pregnant during the summer and receiving more vitamin D from sun exposure.

This definitely seems to be the case with my daughter. I’ve given up on buying her footie pyjamas as her legs are always too long for them within a couple of weeks of buying them.

5)Less likely to be arrested 

A study carried out by the University of Toronto found that there are fewer September born people sent to jail or juvenile detention centres than any other month.

It’s quite a surprising statistic when you consider that it’s the month populated with the most births. All you September babies must just be really good.

6)More likely to be born early

This was definitely true for me. My daughter decided to make an appearance a week before her due date but she had been threatening to arrive even earlier.

I had to be put on bed rest after little miss tried to pop out weeks before she was fully cooked.

Apparently, those born around this time of year are on average born seven days earlier than their expected due date.

7)More likely to live to be 100

I think this one is gas because I’ve often said my daughter and the other September babies in the family close to her age are going to have great little old lady names, Alice, Iris and Emelia.

I’ve often imagined them in 80 years time having joint birthdays with their blue rinses and big knitted cardigans and it seems like that might just be the case.

How cute will they all be blowing out the candles?

Did you know these facts about September borns and is there anything else that you would add? Let us know at @herfamilydotie or by leaving a comment on our Facebook page.