12 tweets about potty-training that will make you feel a little less alone
It's tough out there.

Toddlers, for the most part, are wonderful.

You're past the 'baby-baby' stage and have a real little person with their very own personality on your hands - they're walking, talking, learning at a crazy pace and can be fascinating and fun to be around.

Just not when they're toilet-training.

If you can afford one of those scary €100-an-hour nannies who can potty-train a child in two days, more power to you.

If not, you might have forgotten what your house smelt like before there was pee on the floor in most of the rooms.

It's tough out there for potty-training parents, as these tweets demonstrate.





We think Taryn sums it up best:

We're just kidding! There is light at the end of the tunnel, or pee in the potty, if you will.

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