You can now get a bespoke house for your dog made to look exactly like yours 1 year ago

You can now get a bespoke house for your dog made to look exactly like yours

Nothing but the best.

Let's admit it, our dogs deserve the world.

Those four-legged furries are part of the family, and when it comes to making sure they live their best lives, many of us stop at nothing.

Which is no doubt why UK kennel maker Kennelstore is now offering dog owners that they can have a kennel made for their dog that exactly matches their main house.

"We frequently get customers looking for unique and bespoke products for their beloved dogs, so this year we’ve decided to take this one step further, and offer custom-made dog kennels that look exactly like your home,” the store explains in a press release, sharing some images of what you can expect if you are willing to drop £15,000 on a home for your four-legged family member.


"We'll build you a custom kennel that matches your house, so your dog always feels like a part of the family!

Whether you live in a luscious cottage, a cosy bungalow, fancy detached house or anywhere in between - we've got you covered. Simply contact us and we'll discuss your home and exactly how we can recreate it for your dog."

The continue:

"Maybe they're single and ready to mingle? Then a bachelor pad may be in order, and we're happy to oblige with whatever makes you - and your dog - happy."

I mean, who wouldn't be happy with this abode? We'd nearly move in ourselves!

“All of our wooden kennels are designed by a team of experts to cater to your dog. So, whether you're looking for a kennel suitable for a large dog, with plenty of space for both exercise and a dog bed, or a smaller dog kennel to provide your pet with shelter, we’ll be able to create a dog kennel that suits all of your needs.”

The company explains that the lead time for an order is about 20 weeks, but guys – just imagine the Christmas present for your pup!?