Toddler saved from dangling out of 4-storey window 1 year ago

Toddler saved from dangling out of 4-storey window

A heart-stopping moment.

Terrifying footage circulating online shows a toddler hanging outside a window of his family's fourth-storey apartment in Hing Tin Estate, Hong Kong.

The video shows the three-year-old boy dangling outside the window under a clothesline as he tries to climb back inside before being pulled to safety.

In the clip, the tot can be seen desperately struggling before a woman leans out the window and lifts him back inside.

The family was alerted to what was happening by the alarmed yells of neighbours as the boy reportedly could not call for help due to developmental delays that have affected his ability to verbally communicate.


His grandmother told Hong Kong news outlet HK01 she was “scared to death" when she realised her grandson's dangerous predicament.

She believes he got out of his bed, where he had been lying, and wriggled through the window grills, falling out the window and through a gap.

She added that the family is planning to get their window grills secured to prevent another incident like this happening in the future.

The child was taken to hospital as a precaution.

HK01 reports that no one was arrested in relation to the incident, but that the child's mother was given a verbal warning by police.