Watch: Toddler "yeeted" his newborn sister in favour of an ambulance 1 year ago

Watch: Toddler "yeeted" his newborn sister in favour of an ambulance


A video of a toddler trying to choose between his newborn baby sister and an ambulance has gone viral.

Three-year-old Benjamin Swanson was in the middle of meeting his newborn sister for the first time when he heard oncoming sirens.

Mum Brittany, 26, had just brought the newborn home from hospital and wanted to record a touching introduction between baby Millie and her big brother.

Things didn't quite go to plan though.

As the newborn lay in Benjamin's arms, he began to hear the sirens of an oncoming ambulance, and his priorities quickly changed.

"Benjamin gets so excited to hear sirens and I knew what his reaction was going to be – he loves to see the vehicles the sirens come from," Brittany, from Corvallis, Montana, said.

"We live right next to our local fire department so he runs up to the window every time – his excitement is always the same."


In the video, which has recently gone viral on TikTok despite being filmed in February, the toddler looks panic-induced as he neither wants to drop the baby nor miss the ambulance go by.

He can be heard repeating, "I wanna see the ambulance!" before he abruptly shoves the baby into his mother's arms and leaps up to look out the window.

Delighted he didn't miss it, the mam said that the "best big brother" went right back to holding his sister afterwards.

‘He really had a torn heart trying to choose between his new sister or seeing the ambulance," she continued. "In the end, he is a young boy – and of course that ambulance is more exciting."

Watch the hilariously cute video here:

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