More UK schools concerned as kids request Squid Game contests 7 months ago

More UK schools concerned as kids request Squid Game contests

"Keep an eye on your kids' media consumption people."

A number of schools in the UK have reportedly issued warnings to parents about allowing their kids to watch the hit Netflix series, Squid Game.

Initial reports suggested only one school in England was reporting concerns, but more parents have since taken to social media to say they've received warning letters.

The South Korean series follows a group of debt-ridden contestants taking part in a tournament of children’s games – such as marbles, tug o' war and red light green light – but with a massive cash prize promised for the winner, and fatal consequences for the losers.

Violence and death are a major component of every episode, so it has an age rating of 15.

The show has been praised for its depiction of wealth and poverty, but according to the Mirror UK, the idea that children are watching it is causing concern amongst schools.

Some have been writing to parents to say students are asking teachers to host contests featured in the show.


Sandown School in Deal, Kent, issued extra lessons on violence and online safety in response, with a spokeswoman telling the Mirror that teachers warned students and parents on the dangers of watching content that is "not age appropriate."

Another school in Deal, Goodwin Academy, sent letters to parents about concerns over kids watching the series.

“We've received 2 school letters (primary/secondary) warning parents about letting kids watch 'Squid Game',” one parent wrote on Twitter.

“I'm starting to think a more general letter about parental responsibility might be more useful. Keep an eye on your kids' media consumption people.”

Another dad, whose kids attend a school in East London, tweeted: "Can't believe my kids' school has had to send a letter telling parents that kids are playing their own version of Squid Game and that parents will have sanctions applied if their kids mimic Squid Game. The popularity of this show is next level."

Elsewhere, a school in Belgium also warned of kids mimicking the show's depicted outcomes, with children beating up eliminated players.