Woman gives birth to baby daughter despite never having sex before 1 year ago

Woman gives birth to baby daughter despite never having sex before

"I’ve already heard all the jokes from friends about my 'immaculate conception'!"

A woman has spoken out about giving birth to her child under very unusual circumstances.

38-year-old Kimberley Godsall revealed that she welcomed her daughter Scarlett into the world two years ago, despite being a virgin.

After two serious relationships didn't work out, Kimberley decided it was time for her to have a baby and opted for IVF using a sperm donor.

"I’ve already heard all the jokes from friends, about my 'immaculate conception' or how Scarlett and I should be the stars of the Nativity play," she told The Mail Online. "And I’m not offended by any of it, I see the funny side."

Although she's had several relationships and dated men in the past, Kimberley wanted to wait to have sex until she was married.

"I don’t judge other people for having lots of sexual partners - they can do what they like with their bodies. And I wouldn’t expect my partner to be a virgin, that doesn’t bother me either, this is just what I’ve always wanted for myself.

"But for as long as I can remember I’ve longed to be a mum and with every year that passed I felt my biological clock ticking louder."


After fearing that being a virgin might be a barrier for her becoming a mother, she booked an appointment at a fertility clinic to see a consultant - and found out that she was not alone.

"He told me that women having babies without ever having sex was much more common than anyone would imagine.

"There are some couples who don’t have a sexual relationship, usually due to trauma of some kind, but still want children.

"It was such a relief when he said it was no bar to becoming a mum, other than making his job a bit harder as I was likely to tense up during internal procedures."

After two rounds of IUI were unsuccessful, Kimberley tried IVF - and it worked! Little Scarlett was born at Tunbridge Wells Hospital in February 2019, weighing 8lb 8oz.

"I used to feel that I wasn’t quite normal, having never had sex. Part of me still does wonder what sex is like, and if I’m missing out but not enough to have it with someone I’m not committed to.

"The fact I have my little girl is far more important to me than any of that."