A woman has gotten legally married to the colour pink – yes, really 1 year ago

A woman has gotten legally married to the colour pink – yes, really

We've seen it all now.

An American woman has made history by being the first person in the world to marry a colour.

The internet sensation known as Kitten Kay Sera went viral in recent years for her obsession with the colour pink and is known as the "pinkest person in the world".

In an elaborate ceremony held in Las Vegas earlier this month, Kitten decided to make things official and tie the knot with the love of her life.

The Texas native shared the "biggest day" of her life with her fans via Instagram where she wore a pink dress, arrived in a pink Chevrolet, and gave herself a gorgeous pink ring.

She carried a sign showing a range of different shades of pink and had her first dance with it. All of the food, drinks, outfits, and interior design were also different shades of pink.

In an interview with KVVU-TV, Kitten said she had been dating the colour for 40 years and finally felt the time was right to get married.


Her love affair with the colour first began on her 20th birthday when she had no idea what to wear but ended up settling for a pink top, pink fluffy skirt, pink shoes and pink accessories. The rest is history.

"I felt fabulous," she said. "I thought, if wearing that much pink could make me feel fantastic, why not wear pink every day?

"Going back to blue jeans and a white T-shirt seemed ludicrous to me. I didn’t want to wait until the next special occasion to feel pink-credible again.

"I wanted to feel and look pretty in pink every day. I sold my car so I had enough money to leave my hometown of Houston, Texas, and head for the bright pink lights of Hollywood.

"I like to say I’m a flamingo in a world full of pigeons. When I walk down a busy street during the morning commute, everyone’s wearing grey and black. There’s no expression, no individuality. Yet people think I’m the crazy one!"

Fair play to her.