These 5 Penneys bits are going in the basket! 2 years ago

These 5 Penneys bits are going in the basket!

Balance is... Penneys reopening just when we all have to get dressed every day again.

They say absence makes the heart grow fonder. Is that what's making me want everything in Penneys right now? Or are they just absolutely KILLING IT?

My triumphant return is planned for this week and my list is getting dangerously long.

Want to see what's at the top if it? Course you do!

Power Blazer, €30

My loose plan for trying to look like an adult who hasn't spent a year wearing pyjamas is to put a blazer over everything.

Jeans? Blazer will dress them up. Loungewear? Blazer.

Be grand.


Leather Look Short, €12 and V Neck Cardigan made using recycled plastic, €16

I'm very into both of these pieces. I might even be willing to shave my legs to make it work.

Sustainable Cotton Sculpting Skinny, €13

You better believe if I'm going back to wearing jeans, they'll be of the stretchy and soft variety. These will be given the full stretch test in store — I don't care how crazy I look, lunging up and down the changing rooms. It's for the greater good.

Shorty Set, €8

I'm not quite ready to turn my back on pyjamas just yet. As a compromise, I'll make them slightly fancier.

Don't these look way more expensive than they are? Deffo getting them.

Quilted backpack, €12

After a year of staying at home, a handbag feels altogether alien and honestly, a bridge too far.  What did we carry around in them? Weren't they annoying? I can't even remember.  I'm embracing backpacks instead and this one will go with everything.

Race you to the checkout!