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05th Jul 2021

How popular is the baby name you’ve chosen?

Laura Cunningham

“A big reason people back out of name choices is because they realise they’re getting super popular”

Choosing a baby name is not easy, lads. Getting inspired in the first place is tricky enough, but then there are SO many things that can put a kibosh on your brilliant idea.

Your partner might veto it. You might remember someone you went to school with that was really annoying with that name. A celebrity that wrecks your head might give birth and announce your name for their kid, or someone close to you might get there first.

A big reason people back out of name choices is because they realise that particular name is getting super popular. As someone who grew up with four Lauras in her class, and currently works in a company with four Lauras, I feel this in my bones.

Of course, this shouldn’t really bother anyone. The most popular baby names in Ireland are popular for a reason, because they’re fab.

But if you are looking for a unique baby name and want to make sure it’s as special as you think, you’re in luck.

top Spanish baby names

Thankfully, the good folk at the Central Statistics Office have a nifty tool that will tell you how many babies were registered with each name, year by year. Handy, or what?

The system gives name information right back as far as 1964, up until 2020.

It’ll tell you the exact figure, unless the number is three or less. Then you’ll know it was either two, one or none. So, pretty unique!

You can test out the popularity of your chosen baby name, and even your own if you’re curious, right here.

I apologise in advance if you’re about to be turned off yet another name!