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26th Apr 2021

Gal Gadot reveals her baby’s gender and describes daughter’s hilarious reaction to her pregnancy

Laura Cunningham

Gal Gadot is pregnant with her third child — and she’s having another girl.

During a virtual appearance on US show Live with Kelly and Ryan last week, the Israeli actress revealed that she is expecting a third daughter: “It’s baby girl number three. Yes, we’re sticking to what we know.”

The Wonder Woman star and husband, 45-year-old real estate developer Yaron Varsan are already parents to Maya, 4, and Alma, 9.

Speaking on Jimmy Kimmel Live later in the week, she explained how it all went down when she broke the news to her daughters.

“We got them cupcakes, and we got cupcakes for each member of the family, including the dog,” the star explained. “And then there was one cupcake left, and I (asked the girls), ‘Do you know who this cupcake belongs to?’ And then they were like, ‘Who?’”

Gadot explains that she pointed to her stomach, which prompted Alma to shout, “Nooooooo.”

Thankfully, her dramatic reaction was short-lived, as Gadot explains: “But then she got used to the idea and now she’s super, super excited.”

Kimmel asked if there had been questions about where the baby came from and, of course, there had. “So we explained the PG way, you know, ‘Mommy and daddy had a big hug, papa planted a seed in mommy’s tummy,’ ” she continued. “So we’re doing this, the birds and bees, how we know it.”

What a gorgeous family.