We're eyeing up this €9.9 million Malahide mansion that has just gone on sale 1 year ago

We're eyeing up this €9.9 million Malahide mansion that has just gone on sale

Welcome to my humble abode...

... are words you'll literally never utter again if you buy this gaff, mansion, castle, palace.

Set in Malahide, this house could easily be set in the countryside with 80 acres of land for you to frolic and roam upon while looking on at your new home.

But, the bonus is that you're not actually in the countryside, you're a sweet 17km from the city centre - meaning you get the best of both worlds.

Now, all we're missing is a tea set, a Victorian gown and a cool €9.9 million to create the Pride to our Prejudice, the Sense to our Sensibility... etc, etc.

One can dream, right? And that's what we're doing as we look at this fairytale building and gardens.

Firstly, this is the mansion, IKR?

The water feature, always key.

Now, that's making an entrance. Decked out with paintings, detailed skirting and stunning curtains.

Ceiling and chandelier GOALS.

Versace vibes.

The house dates back to the 1730s and oh, how we wish the walls could talk.

We'd host our afternoon tea in this princess room, no issue.

The colour scheme creates a different, unique asthetic in each room.

The kitchen, more modern than the rest of the home, has a warm feel to it with soft colours and lighting.

The main bedroom.

Candy room - with another larger than life bed.

We're totally ready to move in. The house was first entered on Thursday with views growing rapidly from people who, similar to us, are dreaming of getting their mitts on this piece of premium property. Ah, someday.

You can check out the listing here.

Credit - Daft.ie