Sarah Beeny shocks ITV viewers with a revelation about her family 1 month ago

Sarah Beeny shocks ITV viewers with a revelation about her family

Something on Good Morning Britain got people riled up? Shocker.

But today it wasn't the Morgan fella, and it was about something you're probably not going to expect to be honest.

Bath water.

Property expert and presenter Sarah Beeny appeared on the ITV show as a guest today and revealed to Ben Shephard and Susanna Reid that her family regularly shares bath water.

Yep, Sarah, her husband and her sons share the water, instead of running a new tub. Let that 'sink' in... (sorry)

Sarah couldn't see what the big deal was, saying: "Do you know it's really weird, I'm so amazed by what a furore this has bought out because its a thing in my childhood. Even now, if a sibling comes to stay - normally a spouse will come down and be like, 'I've left the bath in, does anyone want it?', and that's kind of a normal thing to say.


"I'm really surprised that that's made everyone so hot under the collar, to be honest".

Apprentice star Luisa Zissman, who was also a guest on the show, wasn't convinced. When asked by Susanna what she would say if her husband told her he'd left the bath full, she replied: "Just drain it then".

Comparisons made with the shared nature of a jacuzzi by Beeny were dismissed with the reasoning that hot tubs and jacuzzis are chlorinated, and therefore cleaner.

Some viewers agreed that this was a great way to save on the water bill and an even better thing to do for for the environment.

Others were, well, horrified.

Twitter, true to form, had plenty to say on the matter. One user wrote: "She may as well jump in the sink with the dishes.... really in this day and age you share your bath water?"

Another said "What next? Sharing [toiler paper emoji]?".

Sarah did have some support though, with a like-minded Tweeter saying: "I never have a fresh bath, always hop in after wife or kids. #notabathsnob"

Another said: "I would share bath water with anyone I would share a bed with. There are probably more skin cells shed in a bed than a bath."

And on that gross note, I'm off for a wash.