Vicky Phelan shares news that treatment is "doing its job" ahead of return home 1 year ago

Vicky Phelan shares news that treatment is "doing its job" ahead of return home

"Long may it continue!"

Vicky Phelan has updated her followers on her cancer treatment journey, sharing the good news that she is starting to see some positive results.

The CervicalCheck campaigner, who is currently undergoing clinical trial treatment in Maryland, US, has said that her CA125 levels (tumour markers) have reduced recently, and that she hasn't been experiencing any nausea or headaches.

In a video shared to Instagram, Phelan informed her followers of the good news.

"My CA125 levels have dropped quite considerably," she said. "They are now down to 113, down from a dangerous high of 399 before I started treatment.

"The normal level of CA125 (a tumour marker) in the blood is less than 46 so I still have a way to go but this is a really good sign that the treatment is doing it’s job [...] I am feeling good today - v groggy and tired - but good," she said. "No nausea or vomiting and no headaches!"


She went on: "I have really rested and minded myself in the past two weeks since my bout in hospital getting fluids and having treatment.

"I really feel that it has made the difference as I was more prepared and rested going into treatment yesterday. Long may it continue!"

Phelan said that she had been hoping for positive results to allow her to go home and see her family during the summer. She previously said that the trip will depend on her latest scan results, but she has since booked her flights for early July.

"The kids are ecstatic and counting down the days on calendar at home in the kitchen," she said. "I am doing the same with a desk calendar that someone sent me.

"Thank you ALL for your support over the past two weeks. It has been so important to me and has honestly kept me going when I was feeling sick and homesick and just wanted to go home."