7 ways to kick the usual cravings and win at life 7 years ago

7 ways to kick the usual cravings and win at life

Cravings? Anxiety? Drank too much lastnight? Meet your sister.

These are common ailments. In the last ten years, taking supplements has benefited my health, helping me to deal with all of the above and more. Here is my tried and tested list of supplements you should seriously consider in your quest for optimum health.

1. Chromium for sugar cravings

200g of Chromium Picolinate will curb those nasty sugar desires. It is super for those who suffer from diabetes and anxiety. A suggested alternative to sugar would be blueberries. Throw in a pinch of cinnamon (this also balances blood sugar) and some protein yogurt for an afternoon snack.

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2. Glucosamine for joints

High heels and cheap ballet pumps are a part of most Irish wardrobes. However, our joints are at risk. Glucosamine Chondroitin is the buzz word for joint lubrication. If you run or are always on the move without breaks, this is your new best friend. Take it now and you'll keep that spring in your step for longer. Another option here would be Fish Oil and Omega 3.

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3. Korean Ginseng for stress


Tired of saying "I'm so tired," all the time? Confined to a vortex of lethargy? The key to taking supplements is to take them without fail for more than 30 days. Korean Ginseng raises tolerance to stress. Believe the former Queen of Tirednessville here.

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4. Milk Thistle for allergies

Do you suffer from allergies or a skin condition? Do you always regret that odd glass of wine during the week? If so then Milk Thistle is for you. It has superb detoxification properties and I find it helps with my allergies to dairy and wheat on a massive scale.

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5. B12 for frayed nerves

This is fantastic to keep you alert and combat fatigue. The fundamental value for me personally is that is helps to promote healthy nerve function and I get anxious in crowds quite a lot. Ensure any B Vitamin you take is at least 50 mg and take two per day.

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6. Floradix for moms

Absolutely horrendous name choice aside, this is perfect for nursing or expectant mothers. You will be delighted with the results of this compound on an over-worked and under-nourished body. It maintains health and is a mix of fruit juice, vitamin C, B and iron.

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7. Digestive enzymes or probiotics for the gut

If you suffer from bloating, gas, heart-burn or acid reflux, poor digestion or anxiety, these are the cure. No one has enough good bacteria in their gut.

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NOTE: I am not a nutritionist but, I am a healthy size with low cholesterol and no health issues pending, thankfully. Each person is different when it comes to the results a vitamin can have, however, I have tried and tested all of the above. The Solgar brand is what I would advise or Life Extension. All are naturally based in plant or animal compounds with some vegan options available.