The Coombe Hospital is appealing for blood donations — can you help? 1 year ago

The Coombe Hospital is appealing for blood donations — can you help?

The hospital relies on "vital donations" for women and babies throughout the year

The Coombe Women and Infants University Hospital is encouraging Irish people to donate blood this World Blood Donor Day.

The international day, celebrated by all member states of the World Health Organisation, appeals to people all over the world to donate much-needed blood for use in transfusions. Some 70,000 patients need a blood transfusion each year.

Blood donors also provide incredible support to maternity hospitals, where mothers and babies may need an urgent transfusion to save their lives.

The Coombe is thereby calling on people to donate blood at their nearest clinic. Of the 7,423 women who delivered their babies at the Coombe in 2020, 218 required a blood transfusion.

"At the Coombe we would like to say a special thank you to all blood donors across Ireland," said Midwife and Haemovigilance Officer, Sonia Varadkar. "Donated blood received at the Coombe is a vital resource that is used for sick and premature babies and women every week."


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"The blood that we receive from Irish Blood Transfusion Service helps us provide excellent, sometimes life-saving care to the women and babies at the Coombe," Varadkar continued. "We would like to take this opportunity to encourage people to donate blood as often as possible so that we can continue to provide this crucial care."

"This World Blood Donor Day, we at the Coombe wish to celebrate all of the really special people who donate blood every year," said Professor Michael O'Connell, Master of the hospital. "Even after a very difficult year due to Covid-19, people all around Ireland have continued to donate blood as often as possible in a bid to save lives and keep others safe.

"We are so grateful to these people, as we see every day how vital their donations are for both newborn babies and new mums, some of whom will need transfusions while they are in the hospital. We strongly encourage everyone who can donate blood to do so at their local clinic."

You can find your nearest clinic on the Irish Blood Transfusion Service's Clinic Finder.