Feeling frazzled? 3 amazing meditation apps to download right now 5 months ago

Feeling frazzled? 3 amazing meditation apps to download right now

We are living in a manic world, guys.

The juggle is real, trying to keep all the balls in the air, at all times.

Is it any wonder we are often left feeling a little frazzled and burnt out?

But do you know what might just help? A little bit of the by now rather trendy buzzword 'mindfulness' – a concept that isn't just wildly popular these days, but that has also turned it to quite the billion dollar business. Why? Because, actually, there is something to it, and it might just be the antidote we need in our increasingly hectic lives.

Say hello to meditation/mindfulness apps – the internet is full of these, and some of them, yes, really, are actually pretty darn amazing, and does exactly what it says on the tin – help improve your mental wellbeing.

Search for one in the app store, and many will appear – some are good, some are way too advanced for most of us and some are just not all that great, tbh.

However, having done some digging and testing ourselves, these hree apps are absolutely worth downloading. They are all similar, but different, so maybe download and test before you commit to signing up and subscribing (the different apps have different approaches to this):



1. Calm

This very popular app is very easy to use, and let's face it, any app where you can be read a bedtime story by Matthew McConaughey (yes, really) is good with us. Apart from that, we loved the gentle nature sounds that will start when you open the app and the many different options for how to use it (guided meditation sessions, sleep stories or some very soothing music tracks, to mention some).

The app is free to download and has some content that is also free of charge, but for a more premium subscription, it'll set you back €35.99.


2. Headspace

If you are new to the whole meditation thing, this app might just be the perfect introduction. It comes with a free trial to help you get started, and is easy and motivational to use, as it comes with a personalized progress page and a system that lets you connect with other uses, to help keep each other motivated and, well, zen.

Free to download, then in-app purchases and €12.99 for a subscription.

3. Insight Timer

I was very keep to try this one, as I had a friend tell me recently how amazing it was. There are a ton (like thousands!) of free guided meditations, and lots and lots of music tracks that will make it easier to tune out and spend some time in the present moment. You can personalize your whole set-up, and make the app work for you and how you want to meditate.

Free, but with in-app purchases and €10.49 for a subscription.