Suffer From Hay Fever? This New App Could Come In Handy! 5 years ago

Suffer From Hay Fever? This New App Could Come In Handy!

It’s getting around to that time of the year again when hay fever sufferers are plagued by runny noses and watery eyes. And most of the time, self-medication is the answer.

But there is a new app which may help with this. It’s called the ‘Hay Fever Relief’ app and it advises which treatments are best for which ailments.

MedApp Ltd is the brain behind the operation, which is Ireland’s first hay fever app and draws on the 30+ years of experience of Dr. Paul Carson.

Sufferers simply have to enter their symptoms. These are then measured by severity after which a treatment is recommended. This can then be shared with a pharmacist for fast and effective relief.



Speaking about it, Dr. Carson said: “Many sufferers develop a coping mechanism for hay fever.  They become accustomed to living a compromised quality of life.

“With the number of hay fever sufferers in Ireland growing (now estimated at 24% of the population), younger generations are suffering more severe attacks.”

This app, which also provides information on pollen counts both nationally and internationally, is free to download on AppStore. For more information, click here.