A mum shared the most genius trick for getting out splinters – and it is SO simple 2 months ago

A mum shared the most genius trick for getting out splinters – and it is SO simple


Removing splinters is just one of those things you kind of have to become an expert at when you sign up for motherhood.

However, until you have tried to hold down a screaming child while also trying to extract a teeny tiny splinter from their hand or foot, you have no idea how stressful this particular part of parenthood can be.

Luckily, we just came across a clever hack that promises to make this debacle a whole lot less dramatic.

Mum Melissa Brown shared a seriously genius hack on Facebook to help get splinters out and the internet is loving it.

Just take a look:

Brown shared a photo of a medical syringe and wrote:

"Tip on removing splinters: Apology to my adult kids who endured the tweezers and yanking!!  Have to share.  How to get a splinter out of your kids skin .... Cut the top off a syringe, line the hole up over the splinter & pull! Works on even the tiniest splinter! Genius."


Having googled the hack and how to best go about the method, here is what we found:

To extract the splinter, put the small hole at the bottom of the syringe as best you can over the splinter. Once you know your above it, make sure the syringe is touching the skin-and pull! Make sure there are no gaps otherwise you won’t get it.

If you are doing it correctly, the syringe will more than likely pull it out in the first go! Pain-free, no tugging and pulling, and no little ones upset or scared at getting it out. Remember: Don’t pull slowly, you need to do this rather quickly. If it’s a particularly stubborn splinter, just do it a couple of times.

Brown's post has since been shared more than 36.000 times and received more than 23.000 comments on Facebook, with other mums praising the idea.

"Yay! No safety pin digging and tweezer pulling on the grandkids!" one granny wrote.

"This is SO clever!" another one said. "Must remember this!"

Tell us – how do YOU remove splinters? Let us know in the comments!