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09th Mar 2020

Tried and tested: Ireland’s first Cannabidiol massage treatment at Buff Day Spa

Melissa Carton

I’ve suffered with back problems for years.

The muscles in my back and around my shoulders have never really been my friend.

I remember a relative that couldn’t eat ice cream once saying that they liked ice cream but ice cream didn’t like them – and that’s how I feel about my back.

Over the years I’ve tried every type of exercise, Deep Heat and salve solution I could find, but my back pain always comes back with a vengeance.

I’ve had it checked out and I know it’s not a slipped disc or anything like that but just due to my muscles seizing up, so I decided to give massage a try to treat it – specifically a CBD massage.

I visited Buff Day Spa in Dublin a couple of weeks ago to try out Ireland’s first Cannabidiol massage treatment.

I’ve had massages in the past but they’ve been mainly for relaxation. This time I was hoping that the treatment might be more intensive and help but my back problems behind me (no pun intended).

The Buff Day Spa in Dublin became Ireland’s first spa to offer cannabidiol massage treatments last December.

The treatment combines CBD oil mixed with massage oil, allowing it to absorb into the bloodstream quicker, as part of the therapeutic massage process.

My therapist on the day had a feel of my back before we started and we both agreed that a firm massage would be the best way to go.

I had extremely tight knots in my back and shoulders and getting them worked out was intensive but necessary.

While un-doing the knots was quite sore in the moment, the feeling of relief afterwards was unlike anything I had ever felt before. I actually remembered that I can properly stand up straight.

I know other people with chronic back problems and I was straight on to them afterwards to recommend the treatment.

I’m definitely going to go back in the near future for a repeat treatment as it’s the first thing that has ever really worked for my back issues.

There are two CBD massage treatments available, CBD Back Massage a 15-minute consultation and 30-minute treatment for €75, and a CBD Full Body Massage with 15-minute consultation and 60-minute treatment for €135.

You can find out more about the treatment and how to book an appointment at the Buff Day Spa website.