Mum urges parents to stop giving young children marshmallows 4 months ago

Mum urges parents to stop giving young children marshmallows

Marshmallows can result in complete obstruction.

A paramedic has warned parents to stop giving their young children this very popular treat.

She said mini-marshmallows are a major no-no for young children.

Speaking on the Tiny Hearts Education Instagram, mum Nikki urged parents to stop giving young kids the treat.

"While I personally love marshmallows, they are a big no-no for our little ones."

Nikki warned parents that the sweet treats are actually a major choking hazard.

She explained that the marshmallows are often the same size as a child's airway who is up to the age of 3.

She warned, "Marshmallows can result in a complete obstruction and a choking emergency."

"When mixed with saliva, the marshmallow's consistency changes from soft and spongy to sticky, which can be challenging for children to swallow properly.


She said, "Think of it as trying to eat a heaped tablespoon of peanut butter - not fun."

"This texture also prevents back blows from being effective if a marshmallow was to become lodged in a child's throat," Nikki warned

Hot chocolate and babycinos are super popular, especially during the colder months. But if your kid is under the age of 4 it may be best to ask for these beverages without marshmallows.

Nikki added, "They can be safe for little one's so long as you rip them into quarters (like you would with grapes) - this will help avoid choking mishaps."

This is something we never would have thought of.

You can watch the informative video below: