About HerFamily.ie

Little fashion girls in too big glasses Introducing HerFamily.ie, the big sister site to Her.ie. The lifestyle site with a fresh approach to parenting.

Catch up with us daily for realistic advice, news, tips and tricks, wrapped up in a bit of wit and wisdom. The HerFamily.ie team will help you get your head around sleep deprivation; give gentle encouragement on how to bring up boys; offer advice on whether or not to hire the hot Brazilian Au pair; or just break down the news that’s relevant to you.

While our panel of experts and writers will offer non-judgemental insights into health, sleep, fertility, sex, nutrition, beauty, style, and the working mum.

We’ll speak to you, not judge; capture your imaginations, not bore; offer a chuckle and a knowing wink because at HerFamily.ie, there's no such thing as the perfect parent.

We know having kids has changed things, and taken over more of our lives than we ever thought possible, but hey, we can still have a laugh, and we’re still (kind of) the same people we were before our rascals came along.

We believe bringing up babies, future leaders, culture makers and house breakers can be overwhelming, so while you’re busy shaping the way the world will look in years to come – and in the meantime helping with homework, coping with sanity issues (for you and them) and belting out a few chorus lines from ‘Let it Go,’ we’ll be there – supporting you along the bumpy road as you grow, mould and define a generation of little people.


Katie Mythen


Katie is a Cork girl, up in Dublin from ‘down below’, where she was Editor of The Cork News and contributor to magazines and newspapers including The Cork Independent, RSVP Magazine and Business First. When she’s not writing, she’s cooking (with real butter), surfing (badly, she says) and shopping for unusual furniture at flea markets.

Sophie White


In former lives, Sophie White was an artist, a chef, a snowboarding and cycling enthusiast and a van-dwelling vagabond. Now she lives in a house with a man and a baby and showers more frequently. Before joining HerFamily.ie, Sophie was a regular contributor to the Sunday Independent, writing interviews, reviews and style features. When she is not eating, she can mostly be found reading, bashfully re-watching Gilmore Girls or instigating human pyramids in the wee hours of the morning. And parenting.

Trine Jensen


Lifestyle journalist Trine hails from Norway (According to herself The Best Place In The World), but despite all her best intentions, fell madly in love with an Irish-man while finishing her studies in Dublin, and got stuck here. Now, seven years, two babies, a lot of flights and one wedding-in-the-making later, she is well and truly (almost) a local. (Note: She still has a strong penchant for all things Scandi and gets homesick at the mere thought of snow and cinnamon buns!).  She misses sleep and being able to more frivolously spend money on expensive shoes and take-away lattes, but thinks motherhood really is the Best Thing Ever.

Sharyn Hayden

HF Family pic
Sharyn is a comic actress and writer from Dublin. She formerly worked as a stand-up comedian, talent agent, and college lecturer before setting up a family engineering business with her partner Alan in 2011. Sharyn is a blogger and published an hilarious parenting book called ‘I Forgot To Take My Pill!’. She has two children Jacob and Eva, one crazy dog Pearl and is (finally) engaged to 'Ass Monkey' Alan.

Alison Bough

Alison Bough Journalist HerFamily (1)

Alison is a Psychologist-turned-writer, who lives with her husband, their three children, and a very elderly dog in the Kildare countryside. A self-confessed über-nerd she has three masters degrees (two in psychology and one in media) and compulsively buys books that she doesn't have time to read. Alison occasionally attempts to grow her own food, has an unhealthy crush on Bobby Kennedy (yes the dead politician) and knows all the words to the Bing Bong Song.