10 Marvel-inspired baby names that are perfect for your little superhero 2 years ago

10 Marvel-inspired baby names that are perfect for your little superhero

They're already proving to be a hit with parents.

Finding the perfect name for your bundle can be tough.

And while you're considering what could be the perfect moniker, t's easy to see inspiration in just about anywhere - from your day-to-day life to what movies are hitting the big screen.

From some cinematic classics to the animated Disney tales, there's no shortage of possible names out there.

But with the Marvel cinematic universe constantly expanding, it turns out that more and more parents are turning to superheroes in an effort to find the perfect moniker.

According to Metro, the United States' Social Security Administration recently erased data from the 1,000 most popular baby names in 2017 - and there's some heroic new additions.

Here are some of the most popular ones.


5,833 babies [1,487 girls, 4,346 boys] born in 2017 shared the same name with Peter Parker, who is better known as his web-slinging alter-ego, Spiderman.


Tessa Thompson's Valkyrie was the go-to option when it came time to pick the names of 63 little girls last year. And we think it's beyond perfect.


As in Bruce Banner, the Incredible Hulk himself. Not a bad namesake for those 39 little boys.


Guardians of the Galaxy's [Peter] Quill appears to have been the perfect choice for the parents of 20 bundles last year [5 girls, 15 boys].


The feisty and trash talking racoon from Guardians of the Galaxy was the unlikely source of inspiration for more than 30 pairs of parents last year, with 9 girls and 28 boys getting the name.


While it may not be her real first name, 128 little ones [121 female and 7 male] now share a name with Pepper Potts, the CEO of Stark Industries/Tony Stark's [aka: Iron Man's] love interest.


Ryan Reynolds' merc with the mouth, Deadpool, also goes by the name Wade - as do 899 little boys born last year.


Some parents couldn't decide on just one character, so they picked everyone. Literally. The whole universe. There were 50 kids given this name in 2017, 21 girls and 29 boys.


There were almost 100 babies born last year that share a name with Tom Huddleston's lovable-but-still-totally-unlikable villain, Loki.


OK, so it's more than likely that the parents of 355 little girls weren't necessarily inspired by Natasha Romanova, the Black Widow. But it'd be cool if they were.