12 of the most 'badass' baby girl names of all time 2 years ago

12 of the most 'badass' baby girl names of all time

Would you pick any of these?

As parents-to-be are well aware, settling on a name for your little one is no easy task.

Whatever name you pick has to be popular, but not so popular that they will be sharing the name with half of their eventual class at school.

It has to be unique, but not too unique. And, understandably, you'd want it to sound perfect with your surname.

One mum decided to turn to the internet for advice in her search for a "badass" name for her baby girl.

She explained that her son was named "after old English kings and sci-fi characters", and now she and her partner wanted to name their impending bundle after "badass feminist women".


She said on Mumsnet:

"[dear son] is named after old English kings and sci fi characters - he has 2 middle names and all 3 names are kings and sci fi characters.

"We are now expecting [dear daughter]. And after a conversation today want to name her after badass feminist women ([dear husband's] suggestion).

"We've come up with Ada Florence Marie but wondered if anyone has any other suggestions? Not Emmeline as bfs daughter is called that."

Many parents were quick to offer suggestions in an effort to help the mum, and we've rounded up some of our favourite moniker suggestions.

  1. Emmeline
  2. Flora
  3. Rosa
  4. Ripley
  5. Lyra
  6. Grier
  7. Valentina
  8. Maeve
  9. Audra
  10. Hilda
  11. Lara
  12. Diana