13 nature-inspired baby names that are STUNNING (and not too mad) 8 months ago

13 nature-inspired baby names that are STUNNING (and not too mad)

In our increasingly fast-paced, modern and digital world, more and more parents are opting for monikers for their little bundles that are an antidote to all this.

Nature-inspired baby names are completely having a moment among millennial mums and dads, and with some truly stunning options to choose from, who can blame them?

If you like the idea of naming your little one after Mother Nature herself, here are 13 lovely names we predict will go down a treat:

1. Cove

For a boy

Short, strong and inspired by the coast, we cannot get enough of the name Cove.

2. Sierra

For a girl

After the mountains in America.

3. Reed

For a boy

Impossible to shorten, cool and most definitively unique.

4. Gaia

For a girl

Gaia is not only adorable, it is also the Greek word for “earth.”

5. Birch

For a boy

Strong and steady, just like the tree from which he takes his cues.

6. Flora

For a girl

For your little flower.

7. Canyon

For a boy

A canyon in nature is a deep ravine. For a little boy, on the other hand, it is simply one cool moniker.

8. Rain

For a girl

We think Rain would make pretty much the most adorable nature inspired name there is.

9. River

For a boy

If it is good enough for Jools and Jamie...

10. Juniper

For a girl

All kinds of adorable, we think.

11. Wolfe

For a boy

He won't be a loner with a cool moniker like that!

12. Skye

For a girl

Tell us this isn't one perfect name?!

13. Orion

For a boy

He is bound to be a total star.