20 Lovely (And Largely Undiscovered) Irish Baby Names 4 years ago

20 Lovely (And Largely Undiscovered) Irish Baby Names

The beautiful meanings of these first names will always be a wonderful conversation-starter. A survey commissioned by Coca-Cola of 1,800 people across eight European countries revealed that 87% of Irish people consider their names to be very important in their lives.

Take a peek at the top 20 legendary Irish-themed baby names and make sure your child has a name worth remembering:

1. Shiel 

Means: 'little pasture.'

2. Bébhinn

Means: 'fair, white lady.'

3. Aurnia

Means: 'golden lady.'

4. Eriu/Eirú


Means: 'Irish goddess.'

5. Onan

Means: 'vigour.'


6. Cuisle

Means: 'heartbeat.'

7. Iúile

Means: 'child with thick hair.'


8. Blaithín

Means: 'little garden flower.'

9. Cairbre

Means: 'strong man.'

10. Neala

Means: 'little champion.'

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11. Mallaidh


Means: 'bitter.'

12. Lachlan

Means: 'war-like.'

13. Reilly

Means: 'valiant.'

14. Rogan (or Logan in Scotland)

Means: 'low ground.'

15. Fiadh


Means: 'of the wild.'


16. Síomha

Means: 'peaceful one.'

17. Aednat

Means: 'little fire.'

18. Cassidy

Means: 'curly-haired one.'

19. Gael

Means: 'stranger.'

20. Cayna/Kayna

Means: 'little jewel of love.'

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If none of these cool Gaelic names tickled your fancy, how about a more artistic style name for your new bundle? Or try this baby naming app.