Apparently, people with these names are destined to be more successful 11 months ago

Apparently, people with these names are destined to be more successful

Finding the right name for your little one definitely isn't easy.

You want that perfect, one-of-a-kind, absolutely and unequivocally special name - while still making sure it's not too out there.

However, you also don't want them sharing a name with half of their classmates.

In the search for that magical moniker, some parents get creative with spelling, while others change up the pronunciation - all in an effort to make sure their little one is different.

A new study has suggested there is something else to factor in, as it turns out there are some names which make you more successful than others.

According to The Suna study conducted by Grosvenor Casinos found that William and Victoria - at 37.8 per cent -are thought of as the most successful names.

Soon after was George at 37.3 per cent and Elizabeth at 36.3 per cent.

Rounding out the top five were Richard and Alexander, both at 32 per cent, and Thomas at 28.1 per cent.

The full list is:

  • William and Victoria (37.8%)
  • George (37.3%)
  • Elizabeth (36.3%)
  • Richard and Alexander (32%)
  • Thomas (28.1%)
  • David (27.8%)
  • Harry (25.5%)
  • John (24.2%)
  • Oliver (23.1%)
  • Olivia (18.6%)

Almost half of the respondents in the UK (46 per cent) said that they reckoned sharing a name with a historical figured helped their chances later in life.

Meanwhile, 30 per cent said they felt sharing a moniker with a celebrity could help boost your success by association.

Caroline Webb, head of brand for Grosvenor Casinos, said:

“It’s so interesting to see what the nation considers to be a successful name.

“It does ask the question, if you are given one of these names, are you more primed for success in life?”