Ten truly zen baby names inspired by yoga 3 years ago

Ten truly zen baby names inspired by yoga

Hoping for a really zen baby that will sleep all night and generally just gurgle happily at you all day? 

Aren't we all, darling; aren't we all...

Anyway, we can't guarantee that picking a zen name will yield a good sleeper, but we still think these yoga- and meditation inspired names are too gorgeous not to try!

1. Lotus

A flower, of course, but also a seated yoga pose.

2. Meena

Meena was Shiva's wife.

3. Nadi

The channels through which consciousness flows...


4. Ravi

This name means 'sun' is Sanskrit.

5. Aura

Your spiritual halo....

6. Lola

Also known as Lolasana, or 'pendant pose'.

7. Surya

For Surya Namaskar, which yogis will also know as the sun salutation.

8. Rohan

Traditional Sanskrit boy name.

9. Padma

Or peacock feather pose to those of you not fluent in yogic.

10. Dhyana

A stage of meditation.

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