Here are the top 9 most hated baby names (chosen by grandparents) 2 months ago

Here are the top 9 most hated baby names (chosen by grandparents)

So, you've picked a name you love.

You're hesitant to tell your family and friends, but in the end you (or your other half) let it slip. And it's out there.

You hope for remarks such as 'that's a beautiful name', and 'I absolutely love it', but instead you get silence or someone pointing out that it's 'old-fashioned', or simply 'not nice'.


In a survey carried out by Mumsnet and Gransnet, it revealed the names that grandparents hate the most... and some might be quite surprising.


While some said that they don't like the names, and think they're too old for a baby, 20 percent of grandparents said they were disappointed that their name suggestion wasn't picked.

Others said that the names were 'odd', while more revealed that they didn't like the name because they know someone of the same name that they don't like.

And so, here are the top 9 names least liked by grandparents:

  1. Aurora
  2. Charlotte
  3. Elijah
  4. Finn
  5. Jack
  6. Lindsay
  7. Noah
  8. Sally
  9. Tabitha

The founder of Mumsnet, Justine Roberts said: “Choosing a baby name is fraught enough for parents when you’re only taking into account your own views. If you add grandparents’ biases to the mix, it can become impossible.”