Mum admits she's struggling to accept her newborn son's name 1 year ago

Mum admits she's struggling to accept her newborn son's name

Choosing a name can be difficult.

Your child is going to be stuck with the name forever, and you will no doubt be screaming it from the top of you lungs for 18 years - so a lot of thought must go into it.

But what if you choose the wrong one? That's this mum's problem.

She wrote on Mumsnet that she finally announced her newborn son's name to everyone on Sunday but she's just not feeling it. She said:

"My son is 2 weeks old. I've had a couple of threads on here and with everyones help, we finally announced the name on Sunday to everyone - Micah.

"But... I'm just not feeling it. It's a lovely name but I'm struggling to accept that its his name, if that makes sense.

"What makes it worse is my great-auntie visited yesterday with a beautiful cross stitch picture that she has made with all of our names on, and was waiting for us to announce the name so she can add it. I'd feel terrible if we decided to change the name."

Many mums replied to the thread saying that more often than not, babies will grow into their names. One said:


"He'll grow into his name. Of course it feels odd to you now, he's only 2 weeks old, you don't even know him yet. Try using his name a lot and explaining to him why you chose that name for him and how much you like it."

While another wrote:

"I love both our children’s names but struggled to say them for a few weeks. I also know someone who just called her baby 'baby' for 9 months. She also loved her daughter’s name it just felt odd to her attached to a baby."

What would you do in this situation? Would you change the name if it didn't suit? Or would you keep it and let it grow on you?