Due this month? Here are 20 summer-inspired baby names you will ADORE 1 year ago

Due this month? Here are 20 summer-inspired baby names you will ADORE

The first day of summer may not officially be for another few weeks - but based off the weather we're having, it feels like it's been around for ages.

It also means, mamas, that if you are due this month – you are having a summer baby. Yay!

I mean; who doesn't love summer?! No one. And so what could be better then than picking a name inspired by sunshine, carefree days, and everyone's favourite season?

Here you go; names perfectly suited for sunny summer days:

Sunny and Summery Baby Girl Names

1. Lily

Short and sweet!

2. Violet

Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner chose this lovely flower-themed name for their firstborn daughter.

3. Summer

An obvious choice, but still a classic, this name is perfect for a little lady with a sunny personality.

4. Jasmine

Jasmine is a classic summer scent.

5. Cape

After sunny and gorgeous Cape Cod on America's East Coast.

6. Isla

What could be more summery than an island escape?!

7. Aurora

This name is actually Latin for “sunrise”.

8. June

Perfect for your summer babe.

9. Soleil

This sweet name means "sun" in French.

10. Daisy

The happiest, sunniest flower there is!


Sunny and Summery Baby Boy Names

1. Leo

A lovely zodiac-inspired name for July and August babies.

2. Skyler

Sunny, sunny skies is the inspiration behind this one.

3. River

Beautiful and nature inspired.

4. Sorin

This name is derived from the Romanian word for sun, "soare".

5. Kai

This beautiful name means "sea" in Hawaiian – or "willow tree" in Navajo.

6. Jared

Little known fact: This name actually means “rose” in Hebrew.

7. Coast

Where we all want to be when summer arrives.

8. August

Just like "June" for girls, we think August is perfect for a baby boy born in summer.

9. Rowen

Rowen can mean many things: “red-haired,” “a flowering tree with red berries” or “the second harvest of wheat in a season.”

10. Sonny

Just imagine how sunny his personality will be!

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(Feature image via the.modern.mom/Instagram)