These are the 90s baby names that are making a HUGE comeback this year 4 years ago

These are the 90s baby names that are making a HUGE comeback this year


We may be well into 2018, but that hasn't stopped the '90s from somehow becoming more and more popular.

From fashion to film; TV to some (ever-so-slightly) questionable beauty looks, there's been no shortage of ways that the '90s hasn't influenced our daily lives.

Including, as it turns out, the names that parents are picking for their little ones.

A recent survey conducted bye Mumsnet found that some of the baby names that were popular in the 1990s are making a huge return in 2018.

Names like Daniel, Emma, Samuel, Hannah and Luke have begun to become the firm favourites for parents once again.

James, which had been the second most popular pick for parents in 1994, is now the 12th most popular - and Charlotte, which had been the fourth most popular moniker that year, sits at the same ranking for girls.


According to Metrothe '90s is the only decade that parents-to-be are feeling nostalgic for as monikers from further back in time aren't quite as popular.

The study found that some popular choices from 1964 are on the verge of dying out completely - like Diane (8 per cent), Tracey and Sharon (3 per cent each).

In fact, out of all the names from 1994 and 1964, those people surveyed said they would be least likely to name their baby girl either Sharon or Tracey.

Other previously popular monikers that aren't winning favour with parents now include Susan, Jacqueline and Deborah. The name with the most popularity on the list is Helen, at 23 per cent.

Mumsnet Founder Justine Roberts, said:

"Naming trends tend to go in cycles, but it’s taken 80 years or so for Ivy, Mabel and Noah to become popular again, so it’s interesting to see nineties names coming back so quickly.

"Given the current resurgence in wedge trainers and ‘classic’ mobile phones, all that remains is to put Parklife into your CD Walkman and dig out your MySpace log-in."