Totally tropical baby names inspired by Hawaii 4 years ago

Totally tropical baby names inspired by Hawaii

Hawaiian names conjure up images of exotic beauty... and coconuts.

Names traditionally have awesome meanings like cool breeze, by the ocean and sea dew. How romantic to name your baby after a landscape so naturally beautiful - a tropical baby name that is not only the epitome of fresh but also guaranteed to be the only child in the class with this name.


We have put together a list of popular indigenous Hawaiian baby names that celebrate and symbolise the culture of pride among islanders.



The meaning of the name Kailano is Sea - It is a lyrical pretty name very popular in the south Hawaiian islands.



This name is from the Polynesian word meaning'enjoyment' - it is a soft and feminine name perfect for your little sunbeam.

3. Moana

This name is rising steadily in popularity thanks to the children's animation of the same name. Meaning 'ocean spray' this moniker is a strong and steely name ideal for your little heroine.

4.  Nohea

This unisex name means 'beautiful' and is also named after an island flower. We can see why it is very popular particularly in New Zealand.


5. Kala

Simply meaning 'princess', we adore this short snappy name that is both beautiful and exotic.

6. Leilani

This means child of heaven, heavenly flowers

7. Lala

This is Hawaiian origin but more recently popular in Slavic countries and it means Tulip




Loe means king in Hawaii - we love the short sharp masculine names like this little gem

2. Kai

Another popular name in recent years, Kai means 'by the sea' - we love how it looks written - unusual without being too 'out-there'

3. Keone

Another beach reference - Keone represents the sand. A true island name, it is much-loved by Hawaiian mothers for its abbreviation Koah (fighter) and simply Key as a nickname.


4. Noelani 

This means 'dew of heaven' and is a stunning name for your little angel.

5. Tua

This means 'at the back' meaning loyal in traditional Polynesian homes.

6. Bane

This means 'long-awaited child' and we suddenly want another baby...