Can you pronouce these 7 'unique' baby names? They're trickier than you think 2 years ago

Can you pronouce these 7 'unique' baby names? They're trickier than you think

These took me a while to figure out.

A while back, parenting site Scary Mommy shared a video made by comedienne Nikita where she talks about some of the unique names that she has stumbled across and she had a few things to say about it.

The video went viral after being viewed millions of times and it has stirred up some interesting discussions about baby names.

Nikita posted the video to Facebook with the caption;

"Ummm, what you won't do is be creative with your name and try to check me because I mispronounced it. Correction you misspelled it!"

A lot of viewers not only found her video hilarious but agreed, going on to share some of the 'unique' names that they've come across. See if you can pronounce these:

  • Ssss’t
  • KVIIIlyn
  • Otion
  • VII
  • La-iah
  • Knataleeigh


Are you ready for the answers?

Ssss’t :

Ok, this one really threw me and if I hadn't been told how to pronounce it I never would have gotten there. Did you figure it out?

This unique name is pronounced Forrest.


I did figure this one out on my own because I spotted that the middle of the name was spelt out in Roman numerals.

That's right it's Kaitlin spelt with an eight in the middle.



This one took me ages. Even after I was told how it should be said I still didn't get it and then I realised that it was the alphabet with the L missing.

This name, believe it or not, is pronounced Noelle.


When this one was explained to me it was more of an 'oh yeah' moment than with the others. I still think the child is going to have difficulty whenever someone is spelling their name though.

It's pronounced Ocean.


Some more maths for you. Too much for a Monday morning?

Ok, this one is Seven.



Introducing a bit of Morse code this time. That's right the ' - ' is not silent.

This name is Ladashiah.


Personally, I don't think I would put the name of an annoying little fly into the spelling of my child's name. I also think the original spelling of this name is actually really pretty and doesn't need to be made more unique.

Yes, this is the new edition of Natalie.

I think my favourite of the comments had to be;

"I think we all can agree, as long as your kid's name is made up of actual letters, it's fine!

Leave math out of it!"

As someone who is awful at maths, I concur. I have no time for doing long division to figure out how to say a name.

What do you think? To each their own or are these names taking it too far?