11-year-old Michael meeting his hero on the Toy Show was absolutely brilliant 4 years ago

11-year-old Michael meeting his hero on the Toy Show was absolutely brilliant

Ah, the Toy Show.

It was on last night, in case you weren't aware.

The theme was The Greatest Showman which led to Tubridy himself launching into a solid musical number to kick off the show, and then spending the entirety of part one wandering around in a jazzy tail coat trying desperately to get toys to work.

It was beautiful to watch.

As the show went on though, little did audiences know that there were far more beautiful, emotional, and genuinely lovely moments in store.

One of those was the appearance of Kerry man Michael in the books corner.

Probably the best dressed lad of the night, Michael showed up in a classic three-piece suit complete with dickie bow and all to chat about some of his favourite books - one being Little Croker by Joe O'Brien that had been translated into braille by NCBI for the show.

Michael is big into his sports, GAA especially, so you can only imagine his excitement when he heard that actual Davy Fitz was in the studio waiting to meet him.


"He's not here!" the 11-year-old exclaimed as his favourite manager strolled onto the set to have a chat.

It wasn't long though before Michael did what he came here to do, blurting out: "I have your book in the back, and I need you to sign it!" much to the delight of literally every single person in Ireland.

It was adorable, lovely, and genuinely heartwarming.

Davy finished up his segment by asking Michael to come see an All-Ireland final game, to which Michael questioned how in the name of God Tubridy had gotten his hands on 2019 tickets already.

That's just the magic of the Toy Show, we guess.