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25th Feb 2019

Period health to be taught in all schools in England by 2020

Excellent news all round.

Menstrual health will be soon be taught in all schools across England.

New guidelines published by the Department for Education today show that all schools will be required by law to teach students about period health by 2020.

These updated guidelines will include education around menstrual related condition like endometriosis, as well as other sex and relationship topics such as consent, domestic violence, and sexting.

Female genital mutilation (FGM) will also be discussed with students, ensuring that they are aware of the health dangers surrounding the illegal practice.

BBC reports that these new guidelines will be compulsory for schools across England.

From primary level, students will be taught about safe relationships, mental health, and how to protect themselves online.

Students in second level education will receive a new and updated sex education that is more focused on the needs and realities of young people today.

Education secretary, Damian Hinds, said that there is “a lot to catch up on” since the last time the guidelines were updated in 2000.

“Although sex education is only mandatory to teach at secondary, it must be grounded in a firm understanding and valuing of positive relationships, and respect for others, from primary age,” he said.

“In turn positive relationships are connected with good mental health, which itself is linked with physical wellbeing. So it is appropriate to make health education universal alongside relationships and sex education.”