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28th Aug 2023

Preteen autism campaigner scores 97% in Leaving Cert maths exam

Credit: RTE

Her parents must be so proud.

Cara Darmody, from Co. Tipperary, has made history for sitting her Leaving Cert Maths exam six years early.

The 12-year-old Ardfinnan native, who hopes to be Taoiseach one day, received her results on Friday at Loreto Convent in Clonmel and scored a seriously impressive 97% in maths.

Cara sat the exam to raise funds for autism survives and awareness about the lack of resources for children with autism nationwide.

She has two younger brothers, Neil, 10, and John, 6, who have severe autism and all of her endeavours to highlight the deficiency of autism resources have been prompted from issues her own families have experienced when it comes to education, healthcare, and social infrastructure in Ireland.

This isn’t the first time the pre-teen campaigner has sat a State exam.

Last year, Cara sat the Junior Cert maths exam at the age 11, and after receiving her passing result, she vowed to sit the Leaving Cert maths exam in 2023.

The inspiring Ardfinnan student has been advocating for the services of those with autism for quite some time, and has raised thousands of euro so far. She has met an array of politicians to make her case known since she began her campaign.

However, her work is not done as Cara aims to take a seat in Leinster House one day to enact real change for autism services one day.

“When I get older, I want to be the Taoiseach and I want to make these problems go away and I’m going to change it, because what’s happening here is wrong and people with a disability, autism, intellectual needs,” she told RTE.

“Any of those kinds of problems, they should not be treated like this, they should not be treated in the disgraceful way that they are treated.”

Well done, Cara!