Heartwarming photos of teenagers helping the homeless in Dublin go viral 2 years ago

Heartwarming photos of teenagers helping the homeless in Dublin go viral

What a lovely gesture.

Photographs taken of three young boys helping homeless people on the streets of Dublin during the week have gone viral.

The teenagers can be seen bringing hot drinks to those exposed to the elements on a frosty O'Connell street.

Homeless charity Friends Helping Friends shared the pictures on their Facebook page along with the caption;

"3 young gentlemen walking down O"Connell Street with a burco to give hot drinks to our homeless today. Whoever owns these boys must be so proud of them."

The heartwarming photographs have since been shared thousands of times with hundreds commenting on the amazing compassion these three boys have.

"Be proud of yourselves a great job you are setting a great example. Your parents should be so pleased and proud of you."

"Heartwarming to see them lads helping out people with some hot drinks They should be proud of themselves."

"How lovely to see ! Respect to these 3 young lads ! And a good example ! Raised well ! Parents should be so proud."


Only recently a photo of a five-year-old boy eating his dinner outside in the cold caught the attention of many, bringing light to how dire the homeless crisis has become.

According to recent reports there are currently 10,000 homeless people in Ireland with approximately 4,000 of those being children.

Speaking on the publication the recommendations Chief Executive of the Children’s Rights Alliance, Tanya Ward, stressed the importance of taking steps now to help families currently trapped in consistent poverty:

"There are over 100,000 children in Ireland living in consistent poverty and that simply isn’t right. To put it in context, children are going to bed or school hungry. It is one third of parents going into debt just to be able to send their child back to school. We can do better. We need political leadership and real transformation in Ireland to free children from poverty once and for all."


It's difficult to know the homeless situation can be resolved but thanks to these young boys and the many charitable organisations who spend their nights providing meals and clothes for those in need there is at least hope for those struggling with this current crisis.